Dainty Digits VIP Polish

Hey guys! Today my blog will be about Dainty Digits Polish indie shop event exclusive called Stream of Enchantment. That was a mouthful lol! Anyways blue is my favorite color and Dainty’s exclusive polish just happened to be exactly that! I would describe this polish as the perfect light blue crelly packed with FLAKIES! Who can resist those right?? First I’ll show you all my swatch pictures and then some Galaxy nail art at the end.


This first picture is 2 coats with no top coat. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised by how sheer this polish was on the first coat. However it’s totally buildable like any other crelly-like polish. You could definitely get by with two coats but for those who want full opacity I would suggest 3.

IMG_04001This second picture is with three coats and a Quick Dry Top Coat. I was very pleased with the opacity this time you can tell the difference in the two pictures and please ignore those lines towards my free edge in the first pic. I’m currently growing out some builder gel so that’s not the polishes fault! If any of you have ever wore builder gel you know my struggle! But enough about that now let me show you my nail art!!

IMG_04011IMG_04021These are my sort of “pastel” Galaxy nails!! I hate to say I am not sure what brand of vinyls I used because I received them from a friend but I decided to do the swirled Galaxy and stars on my middle fingers. The colors I used to fill in the vinyls were some older Sally Hansen polishes in Green With Envy and Lively Lilac. I do need a touch of practice with coloring in my vinyls but I love how these turned out and I hope you all do too! So what do you all think? Have you tried Galaxy nails with vinyls? If so share them with me, I love to be inspired! Stream of Enchantment came in my VIP bag at the indie shop and I didn’t see this available in her store online so I’m not sure if this polish is available but do go look at her site she has a huge selection to fit everyone’s polish needs! I’ve got my eye on some more crellies for sure. Here is the link to Dainty Digits and I’m going to leave Turtle Tootsie Polishes link behind it I think I forgot it last post! Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this it means the world! ❤





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