Ice Cream Nails!

Hey everyone. So today’s post is up a touch later then I wanted it to be but better late than never! Anyways today I have somewhat of a nail art tutorial using Turtle Tootsie Polishes new spring Ice Cream Collection which is so so amazing! Im going to be using two of the polishes from the collection “Orange Sherbet” and “Chocolate Chip Mint”. I have some swatches of the sherbet color to share with you first if you haven’t seen it already.


This first picture shows just one coat of the polish and truthfully I feel like you could get by with one coat depending on how you apply it. As you can see its a bit patchy but not too much and please ignore the lines in my pointer and pinky fingers (gel still growing off lol).

IMG_04201IMG_04211Two coats shown here and I do think it looked alot better just like any polish would, two coats is the way to go. Top pics are in regular lighting bottom is with flash. I also did not have top coat in these pics because it was time to move on to my favorite part.. the nail art!!

IMG_04221.jpgHere you can see I just took a striping brush with some shimmery pale brown to draw my ice cream “cone” lines. You don’t necessarily have to do the entire nail because it will be covered up with the ice cream, but it was easier for me to tell where my lines should be. It doesn’t have to be a shimmer color either you can make these with whatever colors you like!

IMG_04241IMG_04251IMG_04271And finally you just simply take a dotting took and put dots where you want your drips to be. Take a striping brush and make curves attaching them all to make drips and color it in! These pictures are all in different lightings but these polishes really are amazing in person! She did such a great job at incorporating ice cream into a polish. The ice cream collection is already up in Chrissy’s shop too for purchase! You don’t want to miss these! I’ll leave her shop linked below and thank you all for reading my post for today! 🙂


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