Turtle Tootsie’s Polish Pickup Pack

Hey everyone! Today my post is full of lots of news so I’m going to try and not make it ridiculously long lol. So how many of you are in the Polish Pickup Pack group on Facebook?? If you aren’t already you need to join ASAP! This group is awesome, its a bit different then my regular polish fan groups. Here they do different themes for different months, everyone submits theme ideas and different Indies that like the theme can participate in making a polish inspired from it. When we vote for the themes we are voting for a theme that will be released 2 months later. The voting for June’s theme will take place April 7-9th and you can submit theme ideas starting tomorrow through the 6th. For this months theme it was “Famous Works of Art”, and there are about 18 different brands participating in this months theme. There is no box commitment in this group and you can selectively buy which polishes you’d like.  Now Turtle Tootsie Polishes did a color inspired by King Tut’s Mask for this month while others chose inspiration from paintings, etc. I have Chrissy’s polish “King Tut’s Mask” to show you today! Here is her inspiration picture and a bottle shot of the polish. This color is a Navy Blueish with strong Gold Shimmer and Gold flakies making it gorgeous!!


Onto my next little bit of information.. I saw a tutorial from @4luvofnailart on Instagram using a magazine for a waterslide! Yes you read that right. She took a Wet N’ Wild Clear Nail Protecter, painted it on the magazine image, let it dry, cut it out, and BAM you have a waterslide. Now I wanted to try this technique ASAP so I went through my old Nail It! mags and came across this kaleidoscope image.

IMG_20170401_132825I thought this was perfect for a couple accent nails and also coordinated with the King Tut colors, so I went to work. Unfortunately I didn’t get pics of the entire process but you get the idea. I painted King Tut’s Mask on my pinkies, pointers, and thumbs, and a white polish on my middle fingers. When I used my “waterslide” I peeled the paper backing off and I did struggle a little with getting it on my nail. I also smeared a couple spots in the process of using acetone, etc. However, I think this may have resulted in the thick Broadway 99c top coat I used for this. Nonetheless I’m happy with how these turned out and next time I wear this polish I think I’ll opt for some stripes matching the mask. 🙂 Finally onto all of my result pictures! These show two coats of King Tut’s Mask with Quick Dry TC. Guys please get this polish its so so pretty and my new fave TTP! I’ll leave the link to the Polish Pickup where you can purchase Chrissy’s new color and also see what other colors they have! The shop opens on April 7th.

IMG_20170402_110419IMG_20170402_110519 Thank you all so much for reading my post today I had a lot of fun sharing all of this good news with you! Please check out my post for next week and check out my previous ones if you haven’t. Also go check out @4luvofnailart on IG her tutorial was with a flower pattern from a dress 🙂 And please go buy yourselves this polish its so perfect for blue lovers! Mark your calenders for April 7th! The link to polish pickup is



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