Happy Easter with Pahlish!

Hey hey hey!! Happy Easter everyone!! Today I am showing you all some glitter “peeps” nails inspired from another nail artist on IG. First I will talk about the base color I used for this which was “We’re All Mad Here” from Pahlish! Here is another pic of the bottle shot.image

This polish is a lilac colored crelly with these amazing freaking adorable orangey flakies! This color is perfect for some Cheshire Cat nail art, but since it’s already Easter I had to use this for my Easter Day nails! (Trust me though Cheshire nails are coming) I think any pastel color looks perfect for spring and Easter. But the Light Purple shades are always a go to for me around this time of year.

Anyways, here is two coats of the color without top coat and obviously over a base coat lol.IMG_0468.JPG

And check out these FLAKES! Omg I hope you guys can see them in this super zoomed in pic!IMG_0466

And finally I saw these nails floating around and awhile back I bought this cheap pot of glitter on AliExpress and never used it until now! This is the glitter I chose for my “peeps”. And this is the picture that inspired me. So please do tag her and show her I did these! Thank you for the inspiration! I want to give proper credit ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe the name says @blitzseryozha so thank you!ย IMG_0470.JPGIMG_0488.PNG

Honestly I think I paid like 60 cents for this glitter pot and it was worth it! I just used some dry brushed top coat to stick them where I needed. Then outlined them with a black striping brush. This is time consuming especially if you’re working with super small glitters and depending on how you want them overlapped and stuff. These glitters were on the larger side I feel like so it wasn’t too bad plus I only did two nails. But guys this Purple is too cute for the base of these I think! I wished my chick came out a little better but after it was on there I just worked with it best I could. This was honestly harder then what I thought it would be but I’m sure if you practice more stuff like this with glitter placement it can look cleaner etc.ย IMG_0471IMG_0475

Thank you all so much for reading today and I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Go and give Pahlish a try if you haven’t already! I know she did past Alice in Wonderland collections and this one is currently sold out sadly but she has lots of cute polishes on there you don’t want to miss! I have my eye on a few ๐Ÿ˜‰ Her site is




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