Pedi Time!

Hey all! Sorry my post is coming up later than intended but today is all about the toes! If seeing other people’s feet bother you this post isn’t for you. But if your always looking for ways to spread your nail art game down to the toesies then keep reading! Today I wanted a sort of springy look so I used Dainty Digits Banana Pudding and Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Fuzz-Sea. I’ve had this fuzzy coat for quite some time but I love love love the bar glitters!  Here is a bottle shot of the polishesIMG_05031FullSizeR1_2

So I started with two coats of Banana Pudding on my big and littlest toes then two costs of fuzz-sea on my two middle toes. And oh yea I forgot to mention it is scented! And I totally understand now why she named it banana pudding because omg it smells just like it!! And yes I went as far as to bring my feet to my face just to smell it lol. I did think this polish was a little sheer for just two coats so I ended up doing three this picture shows two without top coat.FullSizeR1_3But even then I wanted to add a touch of nail art to these as I always say “Life is too short to have boring nails!” and that includes toes! So I took Dainty Digits Stream of Enchantment that I used in one of my previous blog posts for galaxy nails. If you haven’t seen that post yet do check it out! Anyways I wanted to add polka dots to this using this polish because it also matched the colors in Fuzz-Sea really well. I just used a toothpick for thisIMG_05071Finally the finished product with quick dry top coat! FullSizeR1_4I hope you all liked this post and I do understand it’s not your regular nail blog post but ladies there is so much room to explore nail art and you can’t just abandon those tootsies in my book lol check out Dainty Digits polish if you haven’t already she has some $5 polish sale going on right now and I hope you all have an awesome nail filled week!


2 thoughts on “Pedi Time!

  1. Great blog entry! So happy to see DDP so heavily in use! Don’t you just love scented polishes?! Brings back elementary school memories of “scratch n’ sniff” stickers or scented markers. The scent lasts a long time, too! Thanks again for supporting!!! xoxo


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