BFF Nail Time!

Hey everyone! My apologies for this week being up a day later then I expected! But today I’m sharing with you all what I did on my friend yesterday! I decided to bring a handful of indies I thought she would like and let her pick from them. We ended up doing two different colors and two different stamps. I had allot of fun doing these!

The first color we picked was Vanilla from Turtle Tootsie Polish’s ice cream collection. Here is this awesome color with two coats.received_760463837450154

Then the way I applied it I felt I needed to do three on a couple of them so we did three but you could definitely get by with two. I don’t think you really need three but she had also smudged a couple lol oops! So here’s three received_760465617449976

Then we decided to stamp Daisy Flowers on the thumbs and ring fingers in black! 🙂 This is a very popular stamp of mine and it’s also my favorite too!received_760468374116367received_760468424116362

This is plate m04 14936529574121229487868

Then we did her toes too!! She decided to go with a different color on these and we went with Pascal’s Confused From Envy Lacquer and a zebra stamp. We did do three coats of this as this one’s a bit more sheer but I love it nonetheless! And for those that have this polish does it dry like super quick for you all? It does for me and that’s why I love it even more! I’m definitely going to do some actual chameleon nail art with it one day.

Here is the polish before and after stamping! received_760468467449691received_760469004116304

And the zebra print is plate AP-1614936531550581949910933

I hope you all enjoyed my somewhat long/late post for today and if you haven’t checked out Envy Lacquer you need to! I plan to use more of her polishes on here in the future as well 🙂 As always links to both shops here

Have a great rest of the week ladies! ❤


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