Macaron nails!

Hey all! Today my blog is all about theme-ing my crellies! Do you all ever look at a polish name and go automatically in your head “oh I could do some nail art to match the name!” I do this with like ALL of my crellies and today that’s what we are going to do! As you can see from my title and featured image we are doing some macaron nails today! Pure Poison Polish had donated a coupon code to a giveaway last October, I won that giveaway and then ordered 7 polishes from this brand. However I’m not super interactive with this brand as I only follow it on IG but I will try to link the shop at the bottom if this indie brand is still floating around out there. 😉

Now to the fun stuff! The polish I used for this Mani is called “raspberry mint macaroon” so I had to do a raspberry mint macaroon! Lol this is a lavender crelly with dark and light blue hex glitters along with a sprinkling of the dark blue tiny tiny microglitters. Here is a bottle shot of the polish in the sun and one coat on my nails. IMG_20170508_095047received_763919133771291 So then I started looking on YouTube for a Macaroon nail art tutorial and found exactly what I was looking for from Fabiola Bedoya. Her video is “Macaron Nail Art” and I will link it at the bottom. 🙂 Then I of course applied a second coat of polish. Oh and my background in these are actually my new pair of leggings! Isn’t it awesome when your nails match your outfit?? I’ve definitely been in a purple mood lately lol. received_763919170437954This is 2 coats without TC. And then I took various polishes in the colors I liked for the macaron and followed the YouTube video for this cute macaron nail! Here are the products I used IMG_20170508_093200

I used Drip Drop Nail Paint proto #637 and stripers in bright green, a hotter pink, and white. And this was my result! received_763919293771275this is under flash Inside and the ones below are in the sun.IMG_20170508_100943IMG_20170508_100903I really like how these turned out and if you try macaron nails tag me! I believe I have done (and definitely have seen) another version of macaron nails before. My hotter pink does look a little more orange in these pictures but I thinks it helps define that textured line on the cookie better, and I of course added a little mint leaf on top lol. Thank you for reading my blog today it means so much! And go check out the video from Fabiola  Bedoya on YouTube! Thanks for the inspo! And check out Drip Drop Nail Paint if you haven’t I have quite a few of her polishes. 🙂 And the Pure  Poison site is up and the polishes listed are $3!!! Here are the links to the shops and thanks again for reading 🙂

The link to drip drop is

The link to Pure Poison is


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