Polish ‘M Mani

Hey everyone! For today’s blog I will be using one of the new crellies from the Polish ‘M Carnival Crellies collection! And Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there! I hope you all have a wonderful day and since im sure everyone is busy today, let’s get to it. The polish I’m using for the base of this Carnival/Fair Mani is “Tickets Please!” This is a blue green sort of color with purple, light green, white, and I think some light pink glitters are in there too. Here is the bottle shot and also just one coat over base coat. And please excuse my different lengthed nails atm I haven’t got around to cutting the rest to match the broke ones yet lol! IMG_20170514_140133IMG_20170514_135152 It’s pretty sheer on that first coat but I did two and then ended up doing three now you could definitely get by with two but I did three this time. Here is two coats without TC and please excuse my pre-cleanup for this one. IMG_20170514_135953So then I added my final third coat of this crelly and pulled out some decals from Toadarriffic Vinyls. And again please excuse where I haven’t cleaned up yet. I really feel like you can tell a difference in all three photos. IMG_20170514_141854IMG_20170514_135447Finally last but not least I finally went with the ferris wheel decals off of this sheet and stuck those on my ring fingers and topped these off with a matte TC from Wet N Wild and cleaned up. Here’s the result! IMG_20170514_145135

Again Happy Mother’s Day to the mommies and I hope you all enjoyed my post today! I really like how this Mani turned out the decal is so cute! See you next week! 🙂

I will leave Polish ‘Ms link below so you can check out the crelly collection and grab some pretties 😉



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