Cupcake indie “gel” nails!

Hello everyone!! I’m so sorry to be absent this week I meant to have this post up days ago but like I always say better late then never! So as most of you know I am a licensed nail tech in TN and as a nail tech doing nails all day long almost every day, has made it very hard for me to keep my beautiful indie polishes on my nails for a whole week anymore. This is really unfortunate and it has really been frustrating trying to do beautiful work when you feel like your own nails need beautiful work themselves! So here is what I have decided to do, I have decided to start trying the regular indie polish and using a nice thick gel top coat to seal everything in. With all of this being said depending on how my nails hold up my posts will now be biweekly instead of weekly. Also with me working full time and only off on Sundays and Thursdays it’s been hard for me to even keep my Facebook checked! I feel like I have slacked on my posts in general everywhere and I apologize for that!

So to make up for it I’m finally here with a new blog today! Today we are using a new to me brand Pretty Beautiful Unlimited!! I’m so excited to finally have this brand in my collection and so far I have placed two orders and I’ve already wore two of the polishes! The one I used for this is Birthday Achieve-mints! and it is so so pretty. I have had compliments on this manicure even after ive got some wear on the tips. The color is gorgeous the formula is awesome and i am in love! This is like a darker green polish with  a strong pinky shift and I think there may  be some blue flakies in there too! Here is the bottle shot of this polish and a one coat swatch for you.IMG_20170525_082420received_771063349723536

I also received a cupcake/birthday cake stamping plate from Ali Express here recently and I couldn’t wait to try it with this polish! This says it’s from the store @harunoutastore on Instagram if you want to give a follow or find on AliExpress yourself. I paid .79 cents for this plate and I think it was totally worth the wait! If you’ve ever bought from Ali before you know shipping takes awhile but for me this was worth it! Here is what the plate looks like and it even came with a little sleeve for it! IMG_20170525_082446

So now to the good, fun, interesting stuff! Lol. I applied a second coat of the PB polish and went to pick my stamping images. Here is the second coat without TC.received_771063346390203

I chose one cupcake that looks like a muffin and another that faintly says cake in the middle. This plate would be great for reverse stamping techniques which I was originally going to do but didn’t have time. Here is where I decided I liked my Mani so much that I was willing to seal it in with gel and look at it for 2 weeks lol that’s allot coming from me!! I used Sensationail gel base and top to top this off and I’m thinking I need a better gel top coat because it’s only been four days and I’m seeing chips. This IS NOT FROM THE INDIE in any way at all this is just from work and the TC I used. But if anyone has any suggestions for a good gel top coat to do this with please lmk in the comments! Finally here is my result pic! I hope you all love it as much as I do!received_771063343056870

I apologize for this long ramble of a post but there was a lot I had to get in here guys. I hope people continue to see my posts even if I don’t get them on time! So with all being said I will write again the week after next 😉 as always here is the link to Pretty Beautiful Unlimited and go get this polish! And search Birthday stamping plate on Ali 😉


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