KB Shimmer! Summer nails

Hey guys! In today’s blog I’m using my first ever Kb shimmer polish I purchased! I had seen KBs crellies before and always wanted to try them! And I saw “Starfishing for Compliment” and I HAD to have this crelly. So I met KB Shimmer at the indie shop ATL in March and grabbed this polish (and of course a few more) and thought it was time to actually wear it. Here is three really thin coats of this polish and I love the whole theme and color scheme and what she did with the name and inspiration of this polish!received_1439976826067311received_1439976892733971I also thought I’d throw in this cute whale plushie I made for a couple of pics as a prop just for fun :).

But I loved this color scheme so much and I recently purchased a sea themed stamping plate and thought I would use it for some nail art. Here are all the polishes and products I used to do the following. received_1439977889400538I wanted these nails to really last me so I did a little nail prep with a cuticle pusher/stone to push back and get rid of some cuticle and then I used a strengthening base coat, a gel top coat, KB Shimmer “Starfishing for Compliments” for my base, Pahlish “Drink Me!”, Black from Wet N Wild, and Thimbleberry from Sinful Colors for stamping. Then finished off with Pretty Beautiful Unlimited cuticle oil in Citrus Blossoms! (It smells so good!) As always I’ll try to have links to even below, and lets get into the fun stuff! received_1439976942733966received_1439976849400642This is with three thin coats and then I stamped a couple of  images from the plate that were kind of starfishy lol on my middle and pinky fingers with Thimbleberry and the black. And for Drink Me! I though it really matched the colors too but I used it with a dotting  tool and made a star and the flakies still showed up! This my left and right hand in regular lighting. received_1439977959400531received_1439977979400529And then here is both hands under flash! On my left hand I tried to double stamp so the ring finger looks a little different then the one on my right lol but I love how these came out and I wore them for as long as I could lol!received_1439978009400526And for funsies here is one last pic with my whale plushie I made! Lol isn’t it cute?? I found a super easy tutorial on YouTube from the channel HapyFriendsShoppe: the video title “How To make a kawaii whale plushie tutorial” if you want to watch it! And I of course finished off with two coats of gel top coat after my polish was 100% dry and Pretty Beautiful Unlimited Cuticle oil  in Citrus Blossoms that  smells amazing!! Go check out that scent! It’s really kind of a clean fresh smell.  And well thats pretty much it for today guys! I hope you all love this Mani as much as I do! And here are the links to some of the products.. I’m not sure if these polishes are still available or not but definitely check the sites out! And Thanks for reading! ❤

Kb shimmer Starfishing for Compliments https://www.kbshimmer.com

Pahlish Drink Me! http://pahlish.bigcartel.com

Citrus Blossoms cuticle oil https://prettybeautifulunlimited.com


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