The Kraken! <3

So who loves Stefanie aka Supernatural Lacquers creations?! Me!!! I shortly discovered this indie brand shortly after she released a color called The Kraken.  I’m not even sure how to describe this color, sorta like a teal color with purple shimmer and like amazing colored flakies! So anyways she only had one or two bottles left I think by the time I found the group and did a giveaway for them and whadaya know?! I freaking won one! After that I’ve loved her polishes ever since even though I’m sad to say this is the only color I currently have from her. But in celebration of her recent fan group post where she said she could take more time for supernatural lacquer all thanks to her customers, I just had to bring this one out! And it is so so pretty in the summer sun! Here is a bottle shotimageUnfortunately I did not take pictures this time of one coat, two, etc. I was more focused on what type of nail art I would use with this! And I went straight to my octopus 🐙 image from my under the sea plate. I just used a white I figured it would pop the most and it really did with this color! As some of you know I have a thing with “themed” nail art lol. If I can put some art with the name of the polish I’m doin it! I also put a teaser of these on my IG so go follow me there! @BrenleyHoneycu2

Now finally all of my nail pics including two coats of The Kraken from Supernatural Lacquer with stamping and a China Glaze gel top coat. IMG_0603IMG_0605Left hand and right hand in flash. I tried to get the tentacles from the octopus dangling on my ring fingers and then the whole guy on my thumbs I love love love how these turned out! Also I have to mention quickly even if you’ve heard it before, if you do gel top coat over your regular polish make sure it is 100% dry. I can get impatient too I know the struggle but it’s worth the wait in the end for that smooth flawless finish you want! IMG_0614IMG_0615Thumbs up close in outside lighting and under flash. Omg can we please talk about these flakies. They are sooo pretty! I love this polish and I couldn’t be more grateful to have it in my collection. And a huge congratulations to Stefanie for being able to dedicate more time to Supernatural Lacquer! You go girl! I’m going to leave her shop link below however I think she is currently closed but keep an eye out! And I will talk to you all soon! ❤


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